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We are looking to
transform systems

& make a change.
The Circular way.

This is us

In the post COVID 19 era,  a circular India can help unlock efficiencies, opening up urgent investment opportunities and delivering environmental, economic and social gains. The Circular collective aims to Facilitate, Activate and Enable discussions for Circular Economy in India. 

Systems Thinking  Research 
Circular Business Cases 

 Circular Cities   Frugal Innovation

Material Flow analysis    Funding Opportunities   Academic Linkages

We collaborate with companies
and academic institutions to accelerate Circular Transition in India

There is wealth of information on Circular Economy. From our experience of working with Startup's and Corporates we understood that this information is often fragmented and not related to the Indian context. As the first step, we would curate a Monthly Newsletter which is aligned to the needs of the Startup and Corporates  in India who are looking either for funding opportunities or avaneues to showcase their work.

The Circular Collective at the same time aspires to synthesise and evolve the intellectual frameworks, knowledge, evidence and experience to shift from a linear to a Circular Economy. We clearly see a gap in the market and if you wish to be part of this journey then please do get in touch with us. The Circular transition won't take place unless and until all of us understand our roles in the transition.

 Talks &Conferences

Conferences and Seminars  we have contributed

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