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Both Piyush Dhawan and Vivek JM won the prestigious German Chancellor Fellowship in 2017 and 2018 respectively. While Piyush was hosted at the Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) and Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Vivek spent the year working with the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy on the topic of Circular Cities. At the Circular Collective we wish to work with like-minded Circular Economy enthusiasts and find innovative ways to incorporate circular economy principles across sectors. 

Meet The Team

Piyush Dhawan 

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Cofounder, the Circular Collective

Piyush is a German Chancellor Fellow, Humboldt Fellow and a TEDx speaker. He is passionate about the future of cities and is interested in designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. Piyush has previously worked with the United Nations and German Technical Cooperation for ten years. Piyush has represented India in many international conferences including the European Forum Alpbach, Global Environment Network in the University of Oxford and G20 Global Leadership Programme in Korea. 

Vivek JM
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Cofounder, the Circular Collective

Vivek is a German Chancellor Fellow, Humboldt Fellow and a member of Global Shapers Community. His areas of work include waste management, resource efficiency, design thinking and circular economy. Vivek has prior worked as sustainability consultant and has diverse experience in global multi-stakeholder projects by UNEP, IMO, BRS, to name a few. He has also represented India in many platforms like Indo-German Young Leaders Forum (IGYLF), WYF- Egypt. He is also a member of the Summer Academy Young Titans (SAYT).


   Adrija Das

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Circular Food System Lead

Adrija is a lawyer and former LAMP fellow with entrepreneurial experience in the sustainable food space and in policy research. She is pursuing a Masters in Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin where she is focusing on climate change policy and sustainability. Jazz music and dreaming up interesting recipes tend to take up most of her time.

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Shalini Rajan

Strategy and Fundraising Lead

Shalini has been working in the development sector for the last five years in research and consulting organisations such as Indian Institute for Human settlements and Sattva Consulting. After graduating from the London School of Economics in 2016, Shalini has worked with CSRs, domestic and international foundations as well as social enterprises in engagements across livelihoods, gender, entrepreneurship, social innovation, WASH and agriculture, among others. Shalini currently works as a freelance consultant on engagements related to food systems and sustainability.

Utkarsh Akhouri
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Mining and Metals Lead 

Utkarsh is an experienced professional in the Mining & Sustainability sector working on policy consultancy for various intergovernmental and national entities across Europe & UK. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and Circular Economy enthusiasts. He is particularly interested in developing strategies to promote sustainable raw material supply chain and innovative approaches to recover metals from waste.

Sreepriya Sridharan

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Circular Business Podcast

SREE is your host & dost from the engaging podcast series Circular Business Podcast-India. Here we collaborate with her every Tuesday on “Weekly Gupshup” to bring to you amazing examples from around the globe in circular economy, where India and our citizens can take inspiration from. She is a socially responsible enterprise enabler (SREE). Early in her career she noticed how do-good companies struggle to stay alive for longterm in the market thereby reducing a sustained impact and she wants to understand why! Her vision is to support socially responsible entrepreneurs and enterprises by amplifying their reach and bridging their fundraising gaps. Her quest for finding socially responsible Indian entrepreneurs led her to us and that’s how we met! She is a learner, traveller, thought leader, podcaster and circular economy advocate.

Nehmat Singh 

Urban Development and CE

Nehmat has pursued her master’s in urban management and development from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her interest areas fall within the domains of ecosystem services, nature based-solutions, climate change and circular economy. Her past experiences as an intern have made her gain knowledge and skills in the areas of urban governance, rural rehabilitation and resettlement and in carrying out an independent research project. 

Kruti Munot

Circular Economy Policy

Kruti is a Project Manager at GIZ, where she works with local governments in Africa on issues of climate change and urban development. She is a postgraduate in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Environmental Science. Based in Brussels, her interests lie in urban development, circular economy, and the role of financial institutions in driving sustainable development


      Monitoring and Evaluation

Rivika is an early development practitioner with a Masters of Development Studies from the University of Melbourne. She has experience working in the agriculture, livelihood sector focusing on gender empowerment and monitoring and evaluation. She has worked with international and domestic NGOs and has experience working in the corporate finance sector prior to development.

   Shivam Rai

      Monitoring and Evaluation

Shivam is a Sustainability enthusiast, currently pursuing a Master's degree in Quantitative Finance from Pondicherry University. His areas of interest include Sustainable Finance, ESG investments in Corporates, Corporate Social Responsibility and Circular Economy. He has a programming background and is experienced in the field of Data analysis and Time Series forecasting. 

 Circular Cities and Design 

Kanchan Joneja

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Sukriti Thukral

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Built Environment and Circular Economy

 Kanchan is an architect, design researcher and development professional who has been working on resource-conscious and community-driven projects in urban and rural built environments across India. She believes the future of cities is circular and that we need to (re)look at waste, water, food, and energy as closed-loop, decentralised systems facilitated by participatory planning and design solutions. She holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.    

Sukriti is an architect and researcher with a deep interest in urban systems, affordable housing and conservation of natural and built heritage. She has been working on architectural projects with the belief that we need to build less and build smart, look at adaptive re-use for a circular built environment and sustainable future. She is known to have a keen eye for observation of patterns in the environment and human behaviour. She is an alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi with an undergraduate degree in Architecture.

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