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Circular Economy Instructor

Course Price


Course length

Self-paced, estimated 120 hours


Circular Economy Instructor

The Circular Economy Institute offers the highest designations in the field, to build the strong leadership we need internationally to shift from linear to circular. The Institute’s mission is to promote the highest standards of practice in the circular economy field, to build the strong leadership we need internationally to shift from linear to circular.

About the course

The program covers a broad range of training advice, circular economy topics relating to its principles, design of circular strategies, new business models, and provides an expert-level knowledge of how to train about the circular economy. The program includes different units with activities and quizzes.

In order to earn the certificate, the instructor-to-be will have to:
-Have over 5 years of work experience in sustainability-related areas (teaching at an institution or working at a manager level or above);
-Commit to the CEI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct;
-Pass three 20-question multiple choice exams (theory, professional standards and training methodology ) with a grade of over 80%;
-Submit a 2-page case study as you would explain it in class; and
-Submit a 10-min video of yourself simulating giving a class about a your chosen case study and receive a grade of over 80%.

-Aspiring circular economy instructors training anyone about circular economy and business models through real-life examples in a case study format
-Speakers who need to know multiple real-world circular initiatives to share at events and conferences
-Workshop organizers training how to embed circularity through implementation tools and group activities
-Consultants providing training to public sector officials, corporates, SMEs and startup incubators
-Professors at universities and professional colleges in the fields of architecture, business, communications, engineering, fashion, technology and sustainability

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