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£280 (discounted from £350)

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Self Paced


Circular Economy Institute

The Circular Economy Institute offers the highest designations in the field, to build the strong leadership we need internationally to shift from linear to circular. The Institute’s mission is to promote the highest standards of practice in the circular economy field, to build the strong leadership we need internationally to shift from linear to circular.

About the course

This program is a professional credential offered internationally by the CE Institute to people aiming to become circular economy professionals. To earn this CE Institute Certificate you will immerse yourself into a self-study program that will give you the most comprehensive and succinct understanding of the principles of the circular economy and the business models that can be developed in this field. You will learn how the circular economy is being deployed in the real world and will increase your competence to develop skills useful in today’s business world. Through this program you will:

-Learn how to clearly and succinctly explain the circular economy principles and real-world applications
-Develop competence in the circular economy diagram and its implementation
-Gain a deep understanding of how circular solutions are implemented through real-life projects and organizations
-Get closer to becoming a circular economy expert
The program covers a broad range of circular economy topics relating to its principles, design of circular strategies, new business models, and provides a generalist knowledge of other areas of the circular economy. The program includes different units with activities and quizzes. In order to earn the certificate, the student will have to pass a final multiple choice exam with a grade of over 70% and commit to the CEI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

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