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Sustainability in 30 with Bare Necessities

Course Price

INR 1499

Course length

Self-paced, 30 days


Sustainability in 30 with Bare Necessities

Bare Learning is an initiative of Bare Necessities that strives to create and share educational content, which is accessible to wide audiences, who are looking for ways to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

About the course

A course that takes you through various sustainability concepts such as what sustainability actually is, the role and development of renewable energy, greenwashing and communications, and equality and its role in moving to a sustainable world. Using expert insights from the field, to thought-provoking hands-on activities, and a variety of researched resources for your learning! Students will be able to learn from a variety of experts in a variety of fields, from renewable energy, to gender and income equality to waste management. Experts share their experiences, their vision on the future and what the landscape is moving forward - and this will help us all innovate and grow ourselves accordingly!

Students will have the ability to actually do practical activities that pertain to real-life situations that we may experience in our occupations, our jobs, our consumption habits while becoming aware!
Leave with a Certificate of Completion!

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