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Circular Cities Reading list

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Did our articles and interviews catch your attention? Are you interested in reading more about Circular Cities? The Circular Collective has a special list for you! This reading list shares articles, books and academic material of all-time curated for you. You'll find many great recommendations!


Cities in the Circular Economy: An Initial Exploration Ellen Macarthur foundation The paper expands the understanding of the circular economy model in the urban context. This paper outlines some of the challenges cities are facing in today’s linear economy, explores the alternative of a ‘circular city’, and collates our research to date on the benefits of a circular economy for cities.

Circular Economy Guidebook for Cities: Written by Piyush Dhawan, Cofounder of the Circular Collective, this is part of a year-long research on how cities could become Circular. It’s objective is to give practical advice to actors involved in the development of a circular city as well as a contribution to the overall discourse.

When looking at the “how to achieve progress” it becomes clear that common collaborative action between different stakeholder groups within cities – such as citizens and private initiatives, entrepreneurs, NGOs, policymakers, academia – is needed. Cities are among the most important actors which can positively influence development if they turn circular.

Municipality-led circular economy case studies EIT Climate-KIC This publication provides over 40 thorough examples of practical circular economic initiatives from cities around the world and showcases how circular economy initiatives are implemented within the urban environment. This report highlights the growing number of cities tak­ing action. It provides examples of many different and novel approaches that municipalities are beginning to take to move to a more circular economy.

Urban Metabolism for Resource-Efficient Cities: From Theory to Implementation Musango, J.K., Currie, P. & Robinson, B. UN Environment The report presents the potential of cities to lead a global shift toward resource efficiency. The report reviewed urban resource assessment tools that can guide a city-level resource efficiency transition, using urban metabolism assessment as the guiding framework.

The 15 circular steps for cities Jonas Byström, EIB The report presents ways in which can be used to shift from our current linear take-make-use-dispose production and consumption approach to a more circular economy, where we maximize the use and utility of resources, products, and assets, and minimize resource consumption and wastage in all forms.

Circular Economy in India: Rethinking Growth for Long-Term Prosperity Ellen Macarthur foundation the report shows how a circular economy could accelerate development in India as compared to the current development path. The report describes the case for a circular economy in India, Circular economy opportunities for India and its benefits.


Creating Circular Economic Potential as a way for Achieving Smart and Sustainable Cities Dr. Prasad Modak The paper investigates and presents the circular economic potential for smart and sustainable cities with a focus on India. The case of Solid Waste Management has been considered to analyze the circular economy potential. It shows how the circular economy can help in resource management and discusses how to leverage smartness while embedding or mainstreaming sustainability.

You’ve Heard of the Circular Economy. Now Meet the Circular City DANIEL JOHNSON The article constitutes of five examples from cities like Berlin, Germany, and Malmö, Sweden, show how circular urban planning could make like healthier and safer for all of us. us?partner=rss&utm_source=rss&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=rss+fastcompany&utm_content=rss?cid=search

Towards Circular Cities – Nature-based solutions for creating a resourceful circular A Special Issue is composed of the various papers.

Towards circular cities—conceptualizing core aspects This paper conceptualizes circular cities by reviewing their constraints, characteristics and connections. The paper concentrates on characteristics of circular city concepts and ends up with a synthesis of steps cities need to take when targeting circularity.

Is India ready to embrace the circular economy? Jocelyn Blériot The article discusses the opportunities India has from a circular perspective and possibilities of significant economic savings, massively cut down on carbon emissions.

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