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Did our articles and interviews catch your attention? Are you interested in reading more about Critical Raw Materials and E-Waste? The Circular Collective has a special list for you! This reading list shares articles, books and academic material of all-time curated for you. You'll find many great recommendations!


Waste to Wealth: The Circular Economy Advantage by Lacy, Peter et al

Waste to Wealth proves that 'green' and 'growth' need not be binary alternatives. The book examines five new business models that provide circular growth from deploying sustainable resources to the sharing economy before setting out what business leaders need to do to implement the models successfully.

Waste to Wealth by Singhania, R.R., Agarwal, R.A., Kumar, R.P., Sukumaran, R.K

This book focuses on value addition to various waste streams, which include industrial waste, agricultural waste, and municipal solid and liquid waste. It addresses the utilization of waste to generate valuable products such as electricity, fuel, fertilizers, and chemicals, while placing special emphasis on environmental concerns and presenting a multidisciplinary approach for handling waste. Including chapters authored by prominent national and international experts, the book will be of interest to researchers, professionals and policymakers alike.

E-waste Recycling and Management: Present Scenarios and Environmental Issues by Khan, Anish, Inamuddin, Asiri, Abdullah M

This book gives up-to-date information and broad views on e-waste recycling and management using the latest techniques for industrialist and academicians. It describes the problems of e-waste generated by all global living communities and its impact on our ecosystems and discusses recycling techniques in detail to reduce its effect as well as proper management of e-waste to save the environment. It also considers future technological expectations from e-waste recycling and management technologies.

E-Waste Gold - Recovery of Gold & Other Precious Metals From Electronic Waste by Joe Willard

The author is willing to share his knowledge and some great contacts and resources available. There are ideas of where to find e-waste in your own city. There are suggestions of where and how you can get money for your materials. There are some great tips on how to prepare the items, and identify the most valuable products. There is encouragement and warnings for safety and environmental responsibility to entrepreneurs wishing to start this amazing business! Gold and silver have been an important part of our economy forever. Gold and silver and other precious metals have been an important part of the explosive growth in technology. The leftovers, the waste, the junk, the trash still has all of this precious metal included in it. It's like prospecting for your own gold and silver mine. Most people are unaware of what really is available to someone who can find some treasure in trash like this.

Journal Articles

UNEP | Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative

In 2002 the Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI) was launched, when the sixth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention established a working group consisting of experts from Parties and Signatories interested in a sustainable partnership on the environmentally sound management of end-of-life mobile telephones as well as representatives of mobile phone manufacturers and the Secretariat of the Basel Convention. You can read about the complete initiative and its contribution in pushing forward recycling of old mobile phones to extract some important minerals. Further resource for this initiative - link

How to create wealth from waste and reduce our landfill

A beginner’s article to understand the basics of waste volume in cities, urban mining in cities as a concept and potential, challenges in recycling. All while taking the case example of Australia.

Recycling of e-waste in India and its potential

Since India is highly deficient in precious mineral resources while untreated e-waste goes to landfill, there is need for a well-designed, regulated e-waste recovery regime which would generate jobs as well as wealth.

Treasure from trash: how mining waste can be mined a second time

Article focused on identifying mine waste as economic resources that will help support global demand for critical metals and boost mining industry during the downturn.

Mining industry and sustainable development: time for change by Fernando P. Carvalho

This article summarizes how important have been past mining activities and how important can be in the future, at least for some types of mining, and discusses the effects of mining, the trends in mining impacts on environment and society, and how they shall avoid compromising sustainable development.

Recycling of Precious Metal Gold from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE): A review.

A fairly technical research paper targeted for professionals in the extractive metal and metallurgy sector. This paper gives an idea of the various hydrometallurgical processes used in the recovery of gold from electronic scrap. This paper explains the use of different types of leachants such as Cyanide, Thiourea, Thiosulfate etc. followed by different hydrometallurgical techniques methods such as cementation, adsorption, solvent extraction etc for the recovery of gold

Recovery of precious metals from electronic waste and spent catalysts: A review

This article provides an overview of various technologies on the recovery of precious metals from e-waste and spent catalysts. It shows that recycling technologies have been significantly improved in recent years. Environment-oriented technologies have been raised great attention in precious metals recycling. The advantages and environmental impacts of these recycling technologies have been discussed in detail.

Innovative practices lead to higher precious metal recovery

This article discusses an important aspect for the metal recovery and secondary production sector. Is recovering precious metal from e-waste a good business idea? Is it profitable or for that matter cheap by any chance? It is really an interesting article discussing new methods being explored to make the industry cost effective and also provides examples of companies across the globe that are pioneering the innovative transformation of this industry.


Nothingwasted Podcast

Waste360 chats with the rockstars of the waste, recycling and organics industry where you will get a glimpse on the latest news and insights behind this amazing industry.

Bay Area Podcast | Episode: 27 17 Year Old E Waste Entrepreneur Nithu Carthikeyan

This podcast features stories that reach into the heart of the amazing work being done by communities and individuals all across the San Francisco Bay Area. The particular episode interviews 17 year old Nithu Carthikeyan from Irvington High School in Fremont. Who, through a class project, was inspired to start an e-waste recycling program.

The Zero Waste Countdown Podcast

A podcast based on finding alternatives to single-use plastics, reducing our waste, and reducing our environmental footprint.

Sustainability in Mining

Joanne Farrell, the previous Managing Director Australia from Rio Tinto, shares her passion for sustainability in mining. She outlines the importance of awareness and environmental responsibility in mining, and provides examples of genuine achievements by Rio Tinto in this space. Podcast also discuss productivity in mining and how this is balanced with genuine efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

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