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The Circular Collective and the Circular Economy Institute partner up to offer CE Certificate

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The Circular Collective and the Circular Economy Institute (CEI) have announced that they will be working together to promote the CEI Certificates including the ‘Principles and Business Models in a Circular Economy’. As part of the agreement, The Circular Collective will promote the CEI Certificates among its network of readers and partners, and The Circular Collective Members can benefit from a 10% discount and up to 20% discount for students (discount code: CE1070).

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"We must systematically reverse the tide of wastefulness and going Circular must be at the forefront of our collective thinking as individuals, organizations, and institutions. The circular economy is a topic whose time has come! Partnering with CEI is an important addition to our collective toolbox to help realize our goal of drafting a blueprint for a fundamental transformation of our economic system." says Piyush Dhawan, Cofounder, The Circular Collective.

The CEI Certificate ‘Principles and Business Models in a Circular Economy’ is a professional credential offered internationally by the CEI to people aiming to become circular economy professionals. The self-study programme covers a broad range of circular economy topics relating to its principles, design of circular strategies, new business models, and provides a generalist knowledge of other areas of the circular economy including benefits and barriers.

Anna Tari, president at Circular Economy Institute, said: “The Institute’s mission is to promote the highest standards of practice in the circular economy field, and we are delighted to partner with the Circular Collective to contribute to their valuable work of bringing the circular economy to India by offering the discounted certificate to their members”

Suitable for a range of audiences, including students and public and private sector professionals and consultants looking to master and embed circular economy principles, the course takes 15 hours to complete online. The optional taught course is available on demand. Candidates will learn how to clearly and succinctly explain circular economy principles and real-world applications and develop understanding and competence in the application of circular economy principles and how circular solutions are implemented through real-life projects and organisations. To be awarded the certificate, students will have to pass a final multiple-choice exam with a grade of over 70% and commit to the CEI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Study resources provided include:

Full lifetime access to online materials (on desktop, mobile and TV) including 8.5 hours video content and between-units activities and quizzes

22 real examples of how to embed the circular economy

6 case studies from real-world organizations implementing circularity and 50 related articles and resources

Summary eBook and 24h support contact:

CEI Official Certificate and Certificate badge to display in the LinkedIn profile upon completion.

There has already been very positive feedback from candidates who have already completed the certificate:

“I found the CEI certificate and taught course really useful leaving us with lots of tangible projects to get on with. It went at a good pace and was very practical” said Joe Kingston, London City Council Officer.

“The level of detail is appropriate for someone with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the circular economy and the content, activities and quizzes do an excellent job of making you learn key concepts in each section and explaining them in a way that one can remember and pitch to companies after” Slendy Diaz, Advisor at EkoGroup.

Details of the course are available here for The Circular Collective users looking to take advantage of the 10% discount. Discount code for Circular Collective readers: CE1070

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